About Us 

Keane Communication is a consulting firm that partners with individuals, groups, and organizations in their quest to personal and professional development. We do this through facilitating training workshops, coaching, and presentations. Most importantly, we have fun doing it! We’re a Mother/Daughter team and have grown the business as we’ve identified our mutual passion for positively influencing people, places, and programs.

Maureen Keane 

Abbey Keane 

Maureen Keane

Leadership Coach. Thinker. Writer. Professor. 



Maureen Keane is a professional influencer. In her roles as Executive Coach, College Professor, and Entrepreneur she spends her time with one foot in academia and one foot in the “real world”.


Maureen practices her passion for Leadership Development at Lewis University and Loyola University, where she designs and delivers undergraduate and graduate courses. She is a published writer and an aspiring author of a NY Times bestseller ….stay tuned.


Maureen acts as an advisor and Coach for Fortune 500 and leading edge companies. Among the organizations that Maureen works with are McDonalds, ATI, Martin-Brower, Reyes and numerous others. Working with these and other clients, she has facilitated numerous trainings, seminars and workshops in the U.S.,  and abroad (Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Kuala Lumpur, India, UK, Brazil, Dubai, China and Thailand).


Maureen has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saint Francis and a Master of Science in Managerial Communication from Northwestern University. She is a thinker (thanks to her 16 years spent at IBM) curious, and creative. At IBM and since, she has collected over twenty years of marketing, management and communication experience specializing in the areas of communication skills, client and employee relationships, emotional intelligence, listening, creativity, and leadership effectiveness. She is lifetime certified to administer and interpret the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), DiSC, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, FIRO-B, and multiple 360’Degree Assessments. 


 Maureen is a mom of four Millennials and resides in the Southwestern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and 72 pairs of shoes. She encompasses a work hard/ play hard attitude and loves to travel, read, and drink bold coffee. She has a fetish with unconventional modes of transportation and genuinely hopes her actions will impact and create a positive difference with people, places, programs and processes.









Abbey Keane 

Business Development 



Hi, I’m Abbey!

I’m leading the Business Development charge for Keane Communication. I spent my undergrad years at Purdue University –studying Spanish, Communication, Psychology, and Starbucks. After college, I worked for almost three years at Meeting Tomorrow, a growing Chicago event technology firm. At Meeting Tomorrow, I spent my time working in sales & customer service. It was there that I truly developed a passion for consulting clients to ensure their happiness and success. I am certified as a trainer and facilitator in the DiSC assessment and am eager to grow my expertise with more ways to help others better understand their personal communication styles at work, at home, and at play.

I was born and raised in Chicago and am one of Maureen’s four Millennials (listed above). I'm an avid runner (depending on the day) and firmly believe that cheetah print is a neutral.