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Here are some fascinating findings from the respondents to the Work Survey we sent out to over 2,000 Millennials:


· 60% have a job/career not related to their college major.


· 35% will work for their current employer for less than 3 years.


50+% will leave their current employer if:

There is no career advancement or development opportunity.   . 

1. They are undervalued, disrespected and underappreciated.

2. They are not challenged by their work.

3. Management is ineffective.

4. There is a lack of ethical behavior.


50+% identify their 5 biggest challenges at work as:

1. Too much to do and not enough time to do it.

2. Lack of recognition.

3. Lack of respect from older co-workers.

4. Lack of challenges and growth opportunities.

5. Managing people.


50+% are motivated to perform better based on:

1. Positive feedback/adequate recognition/being appreciated for the work they do.

2. Doing work that matters.

3. Having challenging work to do.

4. Having learning/development opportunities.

5. Having a positive impact on the work environment.


50+% want these 5 things from their employer:

1.Adequate benefits.

2. Adequate compensation.

3. Job security.

4. An opportunity to meaningfully contribute.

5. Training and professional development.


The following 5 skill sets are the most important ones to develop:

1. Communicating (42%).

2. Conflict Resolution (49%).

3. Decision Making (45%).

4. Time Management (45%).

5. Presentation Skills (41%).


If you are a Millennial or you know Millennials who would like to participate in our Work Survey, please use this link: http://svy.mk/1k3WpIX


Please contact us if you would like additional information about the Work Survey.