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Sorry, I'm in a MEEDing...

  • Published on May 28, 2020

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Maureen Keane

Owner of Keane Communication, ICF ACC Coach, Consultant & University Professor

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Today and at least once a week - you can do something that will make a huge difference in your productivity and in your peacefulness. Schedule a MEEDing. No, that’s not a typo. A MEEDing may be a new word, but it’s not a new concept. A MEEDing is a Meeting withMe (i.e. self) that is Needed.

We all know we spend time ( A LOT) in Meetings at work. Some of the research out there suggests that it’s where we actually spend the most amount of time at work. And that it’s the least productive activity we do! So, you would think we could figure this all out and run more effective Meetings. But that’s a different discussion. A separate complaint is that we are so busy at work that we don’t have time to think or to plan or to prepare or reflect. All of which are important to our productivity, performance, and sense of calm.

Ironically, I think about (pun intended) when I worked for IBM. Our slogan was in fact “THINK”. It was posted everywhere - on banners in the office, on our binders, our namebadges, business cards, swag. But I can only imagine if I were sitting in my office, leaning back in my chair, hands behind my head, and my boss came in and saw me. She probably would have said ‘What are you doing, Maureen?” And if I said “I’m thinking”, my guess is she would have said - “Get back to work!”.

Well, thinking is back in style. Thus, we should all take time to think. After all, some of the greatest leaders of all time went away for days / weeks, even months and they just spent their time - THINKing.

So take control of your NEED to Think. Plan a MEEDing with you. And just like any other meeting:

  • Put it on your calendar

  • Protect it - don’t reschedule

  • Be prepared

  • Have an Agenda

  • Use the time wisely - stay on topic

Go ahead - Have a MEEDing! You’ll be glad you did, and chances are - so will your boss and all your other people.

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