Thank You

Thank You

Last week I attended a luncheon where the famous Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith spoke. I'll start out by telling you it exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is considered to be one of the top business coaches in the world. He is also a business educator and author of numerous books. His most recent book is Triggers:Creating Behavior That Lasts. And at least two of his books are New York Times bestsellers. He has coached over 150 CEOs in major business and organizations throughout the world. marshall was in Chicago at the Union League Club at an event sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of ICE and I am so glad I went!

I’ll share with you my observations and take-aways from the two-plus hour experience.

  • Maybe one of the first things I noted about Marshall is that he likes himself. And I mean this in a very complimentary way. He is obviously content and confident. All coaches, and all people should be.

  • He was funny and he thought he was funny! He laughed at his own cleverness and did so with a contagious laugh that we could not help but join him. I’m still smiling now as I reflect and write this!

  • Some of the greatest influencers in Marshall’s life were teachers. And their advice was free.

  • He was generous. With his time and his advice, and here is some of that advice:

  1. He stressed the importance of listening, really listening

  2. Marshall reminded us, as coaches – it’s never about us – it’s about them – our people, our clients, our employees, - or as I like to say – our squads

  3. It’s not about winning

  4. Look forward, not at the past

  5. Leadership is a contact sport

  6. Be positive

  7. Say “Thank You”. Marshall emphasized that when someone gives advice or a suggestion or an idea – simply say “Thank-You”. Whether you choose to use the advice or file it away for a while, this simple phrase shows appreciation and keeps the communication open.

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