TED2016 Dream.

TED USA and Canada 2016 program’s launch ran last week in Vancouver. The theme? Simple. They want the world to Dream.

TED did something creative this year (shocking!) and streamed their 2016 opening night in cinemas across the country. The Keane team attended one of the cinema screenings and we felt inspiration to share our takeaways.

There were 5 speakers from different countries, industries, age groups, and passions that all reinforced the theme of dream. The word of the evening was “audacious”. Each speaker individually motivated us to have courage to be audacious with our dreams. We left feeling an urge to be bold, and dream big.

Session 1: Our Tomorrow speakers:

Ishita Katyal- Author, activist, and pre-teen.

“Stop asking kids what they want to do when they grow up – ask what they want to do right now”

Astro Teller – Entrepreneur, inventor, author, oversees the secret projects that could reshape our lives in coming decades.

“Captain of Moonshots”

Riccardo Sabatini – Scientist, entrepreneur, and educator.

“Human Code”

Dan Pallotta – Charity defender, author, and transformer.

“Human + Kind…why not be both?”

Shonda Rhimes – Writer and producer of shows like Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder, self-proclaimed titan, and author of her new book “Year of Yes”

Ishita made our jaws drop with her composure and wisdom at ten years old. Astro showed us that play time never really ends and that it's okay to “kill” an idea. Riccardo…Riccardo explained to us just how magnificent the human life is and made our heads spin. Dan gave us goosebumps and could be the male version of Ellen while pioneering for us to be kinder to one another. And finally, Shonda taught us about “the hum”, where we can find it, and most importantly, how to keep it.

You can learn more about these talks & speakers at the link below:


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