So how are those New Years Resolutions going?

Good? Not so good? Didn’t set any for 2016?

I did and I’m excited about them. And in fact, I’m still writing some. I even write New Years Resolutions for my family. That may sound annoying, but they let me do this – every year. And we have fun with this.

We even go back and look at previous years and see what we said we would do and see what we have actually accomplished. And we often laugh at what we haven’t done. But it doesn’t stop us from writing new ones or repeating old ones. It doesn’t stop us from looking forward, and being hopeful about what the New Year will bring.

And frankly, I’m tired of hearing from all the people who are naysayers about New Years Resolutions.

And I’m kind of bored with the all the critics who pontificate that they “don’t do” New Years Resolutions. Good for you – but go away for now. Let me revel in Resolutions. I want to craft just the right statement, set just the right SMART Goal, determine just the right amount. It makes me feel hopeful and excited and inspired!

Join me - go ahead and set some Resolutions. Why not?

Don’t listen to all the people who say why we shouldn’t do it. Pessimists! Realists!

So what if research shows that only a small percentage of us keep our resolutions. So what if we fail / fall off the wagon? If I do, I’ll rebound. I’ll get up and try again. You can’t stop me because I have hope.

And that’s what it’s all about - hope. We all need hope. Hope makes me try again and again.

Hope makes me look forward to the future. Hope to me is a light turned on.

I hope for a better world and a better me in 2016. And I’ll suggest there’s nothing wrong with that. And I’m willing to try to make this happen – every year. And even if I only make a small change or if I’m only a better me for a couple of weeks, that’s better than not even trying. At least that’s what I think.

New Years – it’s a fresh beginning. Another chance. And I think we all want another chance. Why would we pass that up?

And by the way, we can change the rules. OK, so I didn’t stick to my New Years Resolutions the first week of 2016. So I’ll start next week. I can do that.

Or maybe I’ll start tomorrow. And guess what tomorrow is? The first day of the rest of my life.

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