Self-Discovery Doesn’t Have To Be So Complicated

If you haven’t noticed, we have some themes for our Blog posts. They surround

the concept of DICE-T, which is something we created for Millennials, but is

really applicable to anyone.

DICE-T – Discover, Inspire, Coach, Empower, Transition. It’s something most

of us do in our lifetimes – especially if we are moving from one chapter to

another; college to the real world, one job to a new one, moving from one city to a

different place, committing to a relationship, becoming a parent, transitioning to

a new start in our lives – whatever it might be. Well, we think one of the best

ways to start any new transition is to Discover and Reflect. This can be mostly

about Self-Discovery, and it could be discovering other things. But let’s talk briefly about how to go about Self-Discovery.

I would suggest that one of the best ways to Discover something about one’s self

is to ask! Get feedback. Today, a lot of organizations and companies use formal

360 feedback tools. Feedback givers are chosen, surveys are distributed, data is

collected and assimilated, trends / patterns are analyzed, anonymity is assured.

Whew! That can be complicated, costly and time-consuming.

Well, first, I will suggest that you don’t need a formal feedback mechanism. Just

ask. Ask your people. I started doing this a few years ago, and I had a discovery. I

like to think I’m pretty self-aware, but I got some feedback that surprised me. It

was from my daughter. It was kind of a spontaneous conversation – I asked how I

could be a better person / parent. And honestly, I thought I would know

everything she would share. But she surprised me with something. She told me

“you’re too hard on yourself”. So this may not seem like a big deal – and at first

(besides being surprised by it) I was kind of defensive of it. I thought – well, sure

– being hard on oneself will only make us a better person, right? Well, as I

thought further about it – I had to realize I am a role model to my daughters – to

my students, and probably to others. And would I want them to be too hard on

themselves? No.

The point here is not about my interpretation of this feedback – it’s about the

discovery. I asked and received good, honest, relevant feedback. It was sincere, it

was immediate and it has continued to influence me.

So in the spirit of DICE-T – go discover! You will likely be seeing your people this

season. Take the time to have a sincere, open, safe conversation. And ask them

for feedback. Some starter questions:

 How am I doing?

 How could I be better?

And then what should you do with this? Just Listen, Reflect, Accept.

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