Run a Marathon…they said. It’ll be fun…they said.

Running a marathon is always something that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve thought about it a lot and always knew that I would accomplish it one day, but the training was daunting. It took a lot of thought, self-talk, pairs of socks, and persuasion – and believing that I would be a better version of myself on the other side of that finish line.

The training wasn’t easy. And the race was even harder. What I know now is that training for a marathon is a transition and finishing the race is the new chapter that the transition bridges. Running a marathon is entertaining. There are signs and people everywhere. One of my favorite signs I saw while running was a sign on the back of a fellow runner. It simply said “The person who starts the marathon isn’t the same person that finishes”. Come on! Just re-reading that makes my mascara smear! It struck me. (Literally struck me, I stumbled into her because of my fogginess). Since seeing that, I feel driven to think this way through life events that call for a change/transition.

During this transition I had water & food, ibuprofen, Beyonce in my ears, strangers screaming for me, and the finish line on my mind. Most importantly I had my people. My family and dear friends who trained with me for four months by listening, eating pasta, and encouraging me. During the race they cheered for me, ran with me, threw bananas at me, and wore matching pink sweatshirts for me. As someone who likes to ride solo when it comes to life events, I entirely believe that transitions are less painful when you’re not alone. We all get by with a little help from our friends.

The marathon has made me healthier, stronger, more grateful for my friends and family, more determined, and more impatient for traffic. I tend to try to figure out if I would be able to get there faster by running.

Through a new life chapter, struggle, transition, and change, remember that the person who starts at the beginning of that time is not the same person that finishes. Find what motivates and drives you to get to the other side. We’ve got the power.

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