Inspire and Be Inspired

Be inspired, inspire others, and inspire yourself. Sounds great right?

As you may know, that’s a lot easier said than done. As a YouTube Beauty Blogger/Vlogger it’s essential for me to feel inspired and encourage my followers to be inspired on a regular basis. It’s a great joy of mine to create - create content, create happiness, create smiles, create enjoyment, and create an urgency to feel empowered.

Inspiration can come from an array of places and probably doesn’t come from the same place for each of us. It’s okay if what inspires your best friend, co-worker, etc. doesn’t inspire you. It’s essential to find your own source of inspiration. Personally, my largest source of inspiration comes from my YouTube family. I wasn’t always, and sometimes am still not, confident or inspired to create content. It can be frightening knowing there are 20,000 people sitting at their computers, staring at their iPhone or Tablet watching me and taking every word I say to heart. That’s a lot of pressure and frankly that’s terrifying. However, it’s also extremely inspiring, empowering, and exciting.

Is there any true feeling of success or inspiration that comes without a little fear? I haven’t experienced any. In fact, creating original content on YouTube has created the most fear and uncertainty in my life but it’s also the one thing that has brought me the most joy, personal, and professional success of all of the things I’ve done.

That joy isn’t only fueled by my content it’s fueled by the response I receive from my viewers - their Snapchats, their Instagram comments, their Facebook messages, their content. My drive to inspire feeds off of their willingness and excitement to create.

Search for your inspiration inside yourself, with the help of others, or a combination of the two. Find your source of inspiration and you’ve found a goldmine.

"I can tell you that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is" Jim Carrey

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