Working From Home as a Millennial

Working from home requires self-discipline, time management skills, and dedication. It’s not easy to get work done when it would be easy to surf social media, read your favorite book all day, or just spend the day lounging around binge watching Netflix. For effective and efficient work from home, here are my five tips as a millennial, blogger, YouTuber, Social Media Analyst, and Freelance Makeup Artist.

1.) Have a space that is your own

Regardless of the job you are doing from home. Having your own space is important! This doesn’t have to be a home office or even an entire room. It can be something simple but practical, any space where your creativity can prosper. For me this is a desk with room for a computer, place to write, and a spot for my fish friends. I also love to add inspirational items on the wall near or above my work space to keep me working hard. As a YouTuber I have a work space for creating videos and a separate space for editing and writing for my blog. Create a space that is conducive to the work you are doing and make sure it’s a place you are willing to spend a lot of your time.

2.) Have the proper technology

It’s 2015, therefore if you are working from home, the Internet, computer, and usually a smart phone ar

3.) Respond to emails quickly

This goes hand in hand with having the proper technology. Everyone knows your phone is near you, we know you saw that email. It’s crucial to respond quickly, professionally, and make sure you’re responding to every portion of the email. If there are questions asked in the email, answer them, all of them. If there are deadlines addressed, acknowledge them. Of course if you are on vacation or it’s your time off allow yourself a healthy work life balance and respond when you’re “back in the office.”

4.) Bribe yourself

Need to get things done on a deadline? Working on something difficult or tedious? Bribe yourself to get it done! This is a technique I picked this up in college and I’ve brought it into my work life with ease. Step 1: Find something you love be it shopping, chocolate, movies, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and/or walks outside! Step 2: Do an hour or two of work on the task you need to finish. Step 3: Give yourself 15-30 minutes to do what makes you happy! Step 4: Repeat until you are done with your task. This will lead to a happier you and your work will be the best it can be. Best of all you’ll finish on time if you keep up with your time-management.

5.) Get yourself organized

If you are making your own schedule for working at home being organized and having good time-management are a must. My recommendation is to write things down multiple times. Hard planners are not for everyone, but I highly recommend trying to organize yourself with one. Make sure important dates and deadlines are written down in the month and weekly section. Save room for spur of the moment activities that need to be noted. Alongside a hard planner I recommend writing down extremely important tasks, meeting, deadline, etc. in the Calendar app on your phone. If you’re looking for a great app for note taking, reminders, work chats, lists, and charts I recommend checking out Evernote.

Working from home can be the best way to work for some and the worst for others. Hopefully these five tips help you get through your work day a little easier. If you have any tips on working from home, be sure to leave them in the comments below. You can also always tweet your tips @dicet2014 #keanetrainingmachinetips

Stay tuned to hear more of this topic from Maureen Keane, owner of Keane Communication & Consulting.

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