Be prepared to answer many different interview questions!

Question: How do you know you will fit in with our organizational culture?

I have visited your website and become familiar with the content there. I have also researched and found recent articles and information in industry periodicals / and news. I have also talked with people with in the industry, visited GlassDoor and other websites. So I think I have some concept or idea of what the organizational culture is like (here, provide some detail / description) and I believe I would fit in and would actually enjoy the organizational culture. I have also thought about your mission statement, and it’s meaningful to me in that....(blah blah blah).;.

(Tip – add detail about any connections you have. For example – lets say you’re interviewing for IBM). My aunt has worked for IBM for 16 years and we have had numerous conversation about it, and so I think I am somewhat familiar with the values of the organization and it’s purpose. It really sounds like a place where I would love to work.

(Perhaps here – try to give a specific example of how the mission statement applies to you) For example, part of Lewis University’s mission statement is to create a spirit of association which fosters community in all teaching, learning and service. I’d like to say I enjoy being a member of communities – where I can not only bring value and form relationships, but also learn and grow.

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